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Audio Recording

Both in studio and on location we can help provide you with the equipment and expertise that you need to get your media captured correctly.

Live Streaming

Learn to start your own Live Stream on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and more without help and some quick tips.

Brand Strategy

We work with local businesses to get the maximum awareness and to network with other local businesses to engage the audience in a new and unique way.

Media Consulting

There are so many ways you can reach out to the world and we love to help your business think of unique ways to get better results with your media dollars.


Who is Michael Graydon Roe?

For 34 of his 38 years on this planet Michael has called Bellingham Washington his home. Bellingham is a very beautiful and unique city, and he wants to help showcase this beauty through art and music. 

Michael has worked in the music business for over 20 years as a sound engineer and producer. While studying audio engineering at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood he was a live sound engineer and worked with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Steve Vai. After graduating as a certified Audio Engineer in 2002 Mike went on to work as the production manager for venues throughout Los Angeles. After returning home to Bellingham he worked at Mojo Music and taught lessons on both live sound and music production. Michael loves to help artists learn the basics of music production and creating unique sounds with computer-based sound design.

BH.AM Podcast

A Bellingham focused podcast about being the best you that you can be while creating art and finding our way in this world. We feature Bellingham/Whatcom County people of interest from all walks of life and talk about what it’s like to share this beautiful place we call home.



  • 1208 Bay Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

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Michael Graydon Roe Hypnotherapist

Michael Graydon Roe is trained formally at Bellingham Technical College under Jami Engolm, learning specific therapy techniques such as “Affect Bridge”, “Parts Therapy” and “Age Regression”.  As a second-generation hypnotist, Michael studied under his father Ron Roe since he was young. This deep-rooted connection to hypnosis and practice from a young age lends Michael a very special gift when it comes to teaching others how to use “self-hypnosis” (all hypnosis is self-hypnosis) and he loves to share this message with the rest of the world.  His goal is to give back to others what he used to change his mind and body and most importantly to connect the two. 

Michael Graydon Roe The Manager

For the based 15 years Michael has worked in sales and management.  Most recently working at Regus a global leader in office solutions. In his 3 years at Regus, Michael excelled at customer relations and keeping the offices at capacity. He is a driven leader and one who works with all types of clients.  Using the skills gained from managing this space Michael will grow the space above the upfront (Upfront at the Upfront? Working title).

I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with you, Len. I think that can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement to get you more money and allow me to grow my business and keep everyone happy.

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